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How I started my journey into Machine Learning

Hai guys,

Like everyone else I too started the journey into the world of AI with lots of dream in my backpack. When I started the journey, I found that there are plenty of resources out there which can help me learn AI. So, I really had a tough time figuring out which resource to use first. My whole intention of writing this blog post is to help you not go through the same trouble. I will list down the websites / blogs / courses that I have used for creating a good foundation.

The programming language that I chose was Python. These are the best courses available in udemy. This will give a good base and will really help you in getting started.

  1. Python [LINK]

  2. Machine Learning [LINK]

  3. Deep Learning [LINK]

Python Library to begin : [LINK]

  1. Numpy

  2. Pandas

Python Visualisation Library :

  1. Matplotlib

  2. Seaborn

  3. Pandas

Machine Learning Library:

  1. SciKit Learn

NLP Library: [LINK]

  1. NLTK

  2. Spacy

  3. Text Blob

Computer Vision Library:[LINK]

  1. OpenCV

Deep Learning Library:

  1. Keras

  2. PyTorch [LINK]

  3. FastAi [LINK]

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